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Sweet Potato (Mbatata) Cookies

Enjoy this East African treat!
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Malawian Nthochi Banana Bread

How make Banana Bread
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Kuli Kuli

Kuli Kuli Deep Fried Peanut Balls
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Puff Puff

How to make Puff Puff
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Coconut Caramel Treats

An African Coconut Caramel Treat
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Lose Weight, Live Healthier
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Spicy and Sweet PiriPiri wings

Hot and Sticky Goodness!
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Banana Coconut Ice Cream

Cool off on a hot summer day with this delicious home made treat!
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Happy Thanksgiving

A Soulful Feast for Family and Friends! A time to share love and of course

Africans and Thanksgiving

Yeti's Thanksgiving Menu

African Roast Turkey

African Roast Turkey, a masterful blend of African flavors.


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African Birdseye Chilis

Peri-Peri is a very hot and pungent variety of the capsicum chili pepper brought to


Native to Africa, these protein rich melon seeds is packed with nutrients and is popular

Nigerian Coconut  Candy 4
Break out the candy corn!...

Halloween is here! it’s time to scare up some Halloween fun.

African Pumpkin Soup
African Pumpkin Soup

West African Peppersoup spice kicks up a ho-hum Pumpkin Soup. This soup is a perfect

Fall foods to warm the so...

As cooler temperatures begin to settle in, appetites turn to heartier foods and dishes that