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Advertising Opportunities

AfroFoodTv.com is the premier online destination for African food and lifestyle programming.

More than just a recipe resource, Afrofoodtv.com is quickly becoming a brand in itself. With no other resource in mass media representing African cooking, afrofoodtv is stepping up to fulfill this underserved niche. From recipe databases’ to online streaming instructional videos, afrofoodtv is a site designed to inspire creativity in viewers’ kitchens and self-empowerment in their lives while representing the Africa in a positive way.

Because African cuisine and lifestyles sometimes requires the use of specialized products, Afrofoodtv.com brings a pre-qualified audience face-to-face with the advertiser. An audience that appreciates and supports quality in all products especially with regard to food. Afrofoodtv.com is like no other platform, with friendly utilities and engaging design that inspires passion and loyalty.

Some advertising opportunities available on afrofoodtv.com are:

Newsletters (Afrofoodbytes)

Custom Sponsorship opportunities

Product Placement in video segments Opportunities

Content packages tailored to advertisers

726 X 88 Ad
300 X 250 Ad

Max file size: GIF/JPEG:12k FLASH:16k
Animated GIFs: 3 loop maximum
Formats accepted:
GIF, Animated GIF, JPEG, and Flash

* Unit must be designed with a minimum 1 pixel border.


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