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Hand-Woven Basket

These fair trade African baskets are traditionally and uniquely woven of straw by women artisans in African Villages. They are 100% biodegradable and environmentally sustainable. Great for shopping trips or as home decor.

The Basket Creation Process:

  • Veta vera grass straw is collected from the tops of the stalk, then each piece is split in half vertically by biting through it.
  • Each half of the split straw is then twisted tightly by rolling it against a weaver’s leg to give it strength
  • The straw is put in bunches and dyed in boiling water with the dye added. For bright colors the straw is dyed yellow first, then the color.
  • The weaver carefully selects appropriate straw for the base, sides and handle. The selection of the proper grass for the proper parts of the market basket is critical to good weaving.
  • Weaving starts at the base and works up to the rim. The rims are generally finished flat, or wrapped with straw to form a tube like edge.
  • There are a variety of different handles, but all are made with a sturdy wrapping technique around a grass core.
  • Remaining bits of straw that are sticking out of the basket are carefully trimmed off. The trimming is important because it determines how the basket feels to the touch.
  • Leather handles are usually applied by local leather workers. A medium market basket takes 3 days.


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