Lamb Burger
A Winning Tailgate

It’s where the fun starts on game day! With football seasons kicking off, die-hard fans

coconut tilapia fillet
Coconut Milk Dipped Grill...

A delicious and healthy way to cook fish! Savory, creamy with a hint of heat,

Tomato gravy
Savory Tomato Gravy

Savory, spicy and just plain yummy, this is the ultimate in tomato gravies!

Yeti's West African Seafo...

A Seafood Spicy Pepper soup that is both savory and heartwarming!

nigerian peppersoup
Nigerian PepperSoup

A Nigerian favorite! This is the African equivalent of the American chicken soup. A delicate

peppersoup picture
Grab a spoon – Soup’s...

The holiday crazies are upon us as Thanksgiving and Christmas draw nearer. To-do lists are

Mango Chutney
Mango Chutney

Chutneys are a big part of South African meals. It serves as a condiment and

African Coconut Caramels
Coconut Caramel Treats

A sweet chewy treat that is available in most African street corners. This is sure

Akamu, pap, ogi, Eko, nigerian corn pap, African Custard,West African Breakfast
Akamu (Nigerian Pap)

A perfect way to warm up not only the belly but also the soul! A

Mafe, peanut butter stew, domoda african stew
Gambian Domoda

A Senegambi Classic! A hearty Peanut Butter Stew that is sure to satisfy

North African Chicken Dish
Bedouin Chicken

Afrofoodtv is offering services for Bedouin Chicken in Marietta, Georgia.

Yeti head shot
AfrofoodTv in the News!

Yeti answers a cooking question.