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Peppered Gizzard
Nigerian Peppered Gizzard...

A sweet, spicy and savory Nigerian favorite! A mainstay in Nigerian "Small Chops", this dish

African Roast Turkey

African Roast Turkey, a masterful blend of African flavors.

Curry Chicken

A mild savory South African Curry Recipe. Yum!


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PiriPiri Roasted Chicken

This is a South East African Classic and is great take on PiriPiri Roasted

raw gizzards
What are Gizzards?

Afrofoodtv is offering services for Gizzards Recipe in Marietta, Georgia.

North African Chicken Dish
Bedouin Chicken

Afrofoodtv is offering services for Bedouin Chicken in Marietta, Georgia.

Chicken w/ Honey Apricots...

Quarter chicken, wash, pat dry and season with salt and pepper.

Ethiopian Spicy Chicken
Doro Wot

Stir until melted. Add garlic, ginger, berebere, fenugreek, cardamom and 2 tsp. of salt

Yassa Poulet
Yassa Poulet

Afrofoodtv is offering services for Yassa Poulet in Marietta, Georgia.

Nigerian Chicken Stew

Cut up tomatoes, peppers (both) and onions and place in blender.