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African Pumpkin Soup
African Pumpkin Soup

West African Peppersoup spice kicks up a ho-hum Pumpkin Soup. This soup is a perfect

Egusi Soup
Egusi (Melon Seed) Soup

Blend using a blender onions and peppers well.

Yeti's West African Seafo...

A Seafood Spicy Pepper soup that is both savory and heartwarming!

nigerian peppersoup
Nigerian PepperSoup

A Nigerian favorite! This is the African equivalent of the American chicken soup. A delicate

Edikang Ikong

A great intro to West African Stews. Hearty, rich and savory , this vegetable stew

Easter Sunday starts with...

Easter Monday to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Groundnut Soup
Ghanaian Peanut Soup

Place cow's feet and beef tripe in a Dutch oven along with blended onions, crayfish

Cameroonian Ndole

A Cameroonian classic! A masterful balance of savory, bitter and spicy ( also sweet when

Efo Riro

Blend tomatoes, pepper and onions until smooth.

Sukuma Wiki

Place washed collards in a steamer, pour 1 cup of chicken stock and ½ cup