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Jollof Rice

A west African mainstay.No dinner is complete without this rice dish.

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Savory Mixed Beans

16 oz Black Eyed Peas 1 cup sliced red Onions 2 tsp Hot Pepper (Afrofood

Pilau Rice
Pilau Rice

An East African Favorite! Our Coconut version is a masterful blend of flavors.

African Yam

Yams are sacrosanct in African cuisine and are different from the American"Yam". The true yam


A Ghanaian Classic. This rice dish is a great side dish for lunch or dinner.

Afrofood Jollof Quinoa
Jollof Quinoa

A west African Inspired rendition of an ancient grain, Quinoa! What a healthy dish!

Afrofood sweet potato fritters with Harissa
Sweet Potato Fritters

A delicious twist on Sweet Potatoes! Grated Sweet potatoes loaded with other ingredients to give

Tossed Spaghetti in Ethiopian Spiced Butter
Ethiopian Tossed Pasta

Drain the pasta and place aside

Garlic Mashed Sweet Potat...

Garlic Smashed Sweet Potatoes

Coconut Jollof Rice

The bag will ensure steaming action to complete the cooking process for the rice.


In a heavy pot over high heat, place water and bring to a boil.

Nigerian Yam Pottage

Peel yam and cut into 2½ x 3-inch cubes. Rinse thoroughly and place in pot.