AfrofoodTv Stews

Charmoula Sauce
Charmoula Sauce

A delicious North African sauce makes a perfect accompaniment to any fish dish

Tomato gravy
Savory Tomato Gravy

Savory, spicy and just plain yummy, this is the ultimate in tomato gravies!

Nigerian Designer Stew
Nigerian Designer Stew

A West African (Nigerian)Fave! A spicy and fiery stew that is sure to challenge the

Chakalaka Sauce

Heat oil over medium heat and add ginger, garlic, peppers and onions.

African Tomato Salsa

Sauté diced vegetables in oil for about 2 minutes.

Garden Egg Stew

Place frying pan over medium heat. Add both palm oil and canola oil and heat

Nigerian Chicken Stew

Cut up tomatoes, peppers (both) and onions and place in blender.