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Grab a spoon – Soup’s on!

The holiday crazies are upon us as Thanksgiving and Christmas draw nearer. To-do lists are bursting at the seams with holiday meal planning, party preparations, decorating and gift shopping. A little pre-planning can calm frazzled nerves and make this most wonderful time of the year more enjoyable for all.
Meal planning and preparation for holiday gatherings can be both time consuming and stressful leaving little time and energy for tackling the every day dinner dilemma. Home cooks can ease the burden by increasing the quantity of food prepared thus leaving ample leftovers for freezing.

As temperatures begin to plummet, nothing warms the belly and stocks the freezer better than a big pot of soup. Soups are typically easy to prepare, and by simply doubling a soup recipe, you’re sure to have a nutritious and delicious meal available for those times when there’s just not enough hours in the day. And during the season of overindulgence, soup is often a lighter alternative to a heavy, full meal.
Some soups sure to warm the soul include West African seafood pepper soup that’s brimming with salmon, mussels and vegetables. A couple of tablespoons of AfroFood Spices’ Pepper Soup Spice – a mild spicy blend of the best West African spices — intensifies the soup’s flavor and aroma.

A new recipe for the season is African pumpkin soup, an African rendition of the classic pumpkin soup. Also seasoned with AfroFood Spices’ Pepper Soup Spice, this hearty dish is a perfect balance of flavor and spice and is made with pumpkin, parsnips and onions that are roasted and then pureed and combined with chicken stock and other ingredients. The flavors are rich and savory with a sweet finish.

Also new is the goat meat pepper soup. A popular dish in the West African country of Nigeria, this savory soup is spicy and slightly bitter from the use of utazi leaves, a popular ingredient in Nigerian cooking. The recipe also boasts goat meat, seafood bouillon and dried shrimp along with AfroFood Spices’ Pepper Soup Spice.
Whether hearty of light, it’s simple to turn a bowl of soup into a meal by tossing a salad and serving with fresh baked bread.

The holidays are for enjoying quality time with family and friends. So when the hustle and bustle of the season begin to wear you down, toss the to-do list aside and spoon into a piping hot bowl of soup.