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Suya Deep Fried Turkey

1 (8-10 lb) Defrosted Turkey

3 oz Suya Rub (Afrofood Brand Preffered)

5 Tsp Thyme Leaves

5 Tsp Garlic Powder

5 Tsp Onion Powder

2 oz Chicken Bouillion

3 Tsp Cameroon Pepper

Rosemary Sprigs

4½ Gallons Pure Peanut Oil

1 sweet onion Thinly sliced (For serving)

3 Oz Suya rub (For Serving)


Paper towel dry the turkey, place on dry rack. In a bowl, combine thyme,garlic, onion, pepper and Chicken bouillon. Rub the mix bird, coating all surfaces (including inside the bird cavity) with the mix. Once coated, apply the suya rub on all surface of the bird. Set aside.

Place the oil (making sure not to exceed maximum line)into a 28 to 30-quart pot and set over high heat on an outside propane burner with a solid structure and non flammable surface. Heat up the oil to 375 degrees. Add a 3 sprigs of rosemary to oil. Turn off the burner. Slowly place seasoned turkey using the lifting hook into the hot oil.  Once turkey is safely in the pot, turn burner back on. Cook bird at at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes (or 4 minutes per pound).  Check for doneness by using a probe thermometer to check internal temperature of the bird, the internal temperature should be 165 degrees for inside the bird or 175 degrees for the thigh.

Carefully remove from oil and drain on paper towels. Allow to rest for 15 minutes and serve. Serve sliced topped with thinly sliced onions and a sprinkling of suya seasoning on individual servings.


Sliced Suya Turkey