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Edikang Ikong

Nigerian Vegetable Soup

Nigerian Vegetable Soup

Ingredient List

1½ cups palm oil
1 lb collard greens(frozen)
3 lbs spinach(frozen)
1 medium onion(chopped)
3 Bouillon cubes (Knorr preferred)
½ lb cleaned smoked fish
½ lb precooked stock fish
2 tsp powdered chilli pepper(afrofood brand preferred)
½ cup dried shrimp/prawns
Salt to taste

Heat up palm oil over medium to high heat until just smoking. Add onions and bouillon cubes (crumbled) and stir continuously for 1 minute. Add everything else but leafy vegetables and stir well. Allow to cook for about 5 minutes, stirring periodically to prevent any burning. Add collards and simmer for about 5 minutes. Add spinach and stir properly, simmer for additional 5 to 7 minutes taking care not to overcook the greens. Serve hot with any staple.