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Cooking up summer fun with the kids

summer fun with the kids

School’s out and the structure and the frenzy of the school year has made way for lazy days. Before the novelty of too much free time turns to boredom, give your children some hands-on time in the kitchen.

Food and cooking bond people together, and children love to help prepare items for all to enjoy. From full-blown meals to simple desserts or snacks, this is the perfect time of year to get children involved and introduce them to the bounty of summer ingredients available at local markets.

Everyone screams for ice cream, and homemade ice cream blows the store-bought brands away in both flavor and freshness. Banana coconut ice cream is a special treat at our house, and the recipe below is sure to be a crowd pleaser in your home as well.

Fruit smoothies are also popular with my family, and they are especially delicious during the summer months with all the fresh, seasonal fruits that are available. Smoothies can be served as a healthy afternoon snack or pool-side refresher and can be made with any variety of fruit combinations that your family enjoys. The recipe below for my tropical smoothie is as easy as it is delicious, and the flavors transport you to a tropical paradise.

Kitchen cleanups may be a little more challenging with lots of little fingers in on the cooking action, but encouraging children to help out with family meals is not only a lot of fun but is sure to introduce them to new foods and ignite a love of cooking at a young age.

Check out our recipes on African Tropical Smoothie and Banana Coconut Ice Cream for a Delicious treat