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Outdoor Grilling & Entertaining

Fire up the grill for outdoor cooking and entertaining

Outdoor Grilling

If you can’t stand the heat, move the kitchen outside. People inherently love food and the great outdoors so it’s no wonder that dining and entertaining al fresco are popular and fun summertime activities.

This year, we installed a new outdoor kitchen that includes a smoker, grill and refrigerator. We love to entertain and prepare a variety of foods for our friends and family, and our new addition makes preparation and cooking much easier. I am now able to interact with our guests instead of spending time cooking or preparing meals away of them indoors. Our new cooking area is so inviting, and it’s on its way to becoming the most-used “room” at our home this summer. As the popularity of outdoor kitchens continues to grow in the United States and other countries, many may not be aware that in parts of Africa most kitchens were located outside or in a separate building away from the living and sleeping areas. I imagine this was more out of safety and necessity rather than convenience, but perhaps my ancestors were on to something.

Grilling and outdoor entertaining run the gamut from casual gatherings with simple fare such as burgers and hot dogs to more sophisticated affairs serving meat, seafood and vegetable dishes. When entertaining, I always like to share my passion for African cooking with my guests by incorporating a variety of African flavors into the dishes I prepare.

One of my favorite dishes to cook on the grill is piri-piri chicken with roasted summer vegetables. Piri-piri chicken has both African and Portuguese roots. The Portuguese brought the chili peppers (also known as African bird’s eye chili) that we use in the sauce when they settled in Africa. The dish is spicy and full of bold flavors. Summer also is prime time for a variety of delicious vegetables that are perfect for grilling and that make a delicious accompaniment to the chicken.

PiriPiri Sauce

PiriPiri Chicken

Roasted Vegetable Medley